The Disciple of Life

The Cleric puts their purpose in the hands of their belief and are faithful without question to the everlasting power of Life. This powerful devotion grants them Blessings given by the power of Mosis, the Prophet of Life. Through these Blessings, the Cleric is able to share the power that they’ve grown to master and cherish. They exist to serve and enlighten those who do not know of Life’s gifts or the righteousness of their Prophet. Wearing cloth and carrying a Hand Mace, the Cleric relies on Blessings to act as their strength in the midst of a battle.

Clerics, being servants of Mosis, often hail from the Denom of the Storm in the cold north alongside the Palian Order in Cathedr’l’s Altar. However, they may also hail from the Choir of Life’s Gift from the western Transept. Clerics are healers and Blessing givers that act as gateways of faith that share their knowledge and prayer with those willing to ask.

The greatest Clerics will become Divine Bishops, acting as the highest form of faith in the Denom and the Choir. They provide a path of faith to those who believe in the Prophets and put their lives to prayer and Blessing. Faith is Life, and this is the way of Cathedr’l’s Disciples of Life