The Commanded Sword

The Crusader Legion is an organization that was created out of the desperate need of the great Kingdom of Mylandria by King Leonard. As Humans waged wars and committed to battles risking thousands of lives and Magic users were always one of the determining factors, deciding who would have the upper hand in a confrontation. The Crusaders were the answer to these unstoppable magic users.

Crusaders are the expert trained swordsmen who have formed an elite tasks group as Elementalist hunters and unique operations specialists. They are men who disavow the use of magic and learn combat using physical strength coupled with an unbreakable resolve. Crusaders master the skill of fighting with sword and Shield foremost and are renowned across the land for their skill. Tales of a small team of three or four Crusaders taking on dozens of men at a time and ending the fight unscathed were not uncommon, as their fighting skill was unmatched except by the highest trained individuals.

They are an especially talented force of humans who are the best at what they do, and can prove it with every swing of their blade and every block of a blow with their Shield. Expert fighters adventure into the world to accomplish the needs of their Kingdom and carry out missions assigned to them. It is often said a Crusader’s determination is blessed by the immense zeal that they shed through their unwavering conviction to their purpose, their objective, their mission, and their goal.