The People’s Command

In the times of war and conflict, the King acts as the overseer of the battles that take place. He resides in the castle and stands firm as the pillar of leadership.

The King provides guidance and goal to his army as the decision maker and giver of orders. In this era of Cathedr’l, the Kings of men are few, the conflicting Lords are many, and all are vying for more power by challenging other Lords, Counts, Kings, and Rulers. All hope to gain a foothold in the world and rival each other to become the greatest Kingdom of them all. Kings provide the leadership for thousands of beings in the world and they shape the boundaries of territories. They start, conduct, and end wars in the world since they guide and form the Kingdoms of Men.

No matter the race or belief, the King of any people will always represent the highest form of leadership and command. What they say is law and the people who they rule over, good or evil, will abide by their Kings rule.