The Living Shield

They are grand fighters who put honor and respect above all else as they strive to achieve the utmost form of Chivalry. They bring honor with every victory and shame with every defeat.

Bearing their preferred weapon of choice in one hand, every Knight is trained to fight with Shield in the other since they believe the best offense is a strong defense. They master the art of Shield-bearing and their Shields act as their most trusted ally. Their coat of arms is etched onto their Shield or armor and they ride into battle with it at the forefront. Knights are known by their Orders, which is portrayed as their coat of arms. Judging upon the deeds the Knight commits, the order of the Knight will determine the title given to the Knight.

The Knight’s Code of Chivalry is a moral system stating that a Knight should protect others who cannot protect themselves. Knights are extremely disciplined and are expected to use their power to protect the weak and defenseless. Knights vow to be loyal, generous, and pursue noble bearing. They are sworn to truth at all times and always hold loyalty and respect to their Kingdom above all else.

These fighters of honor act as the unique generals, unrivaled masters, and legendary heroes of their respective homes. They are feared and respected in equal fashion and deserve every bit of it by both ally and enemy.