The Light of the Storm

They come from the harsh cold north as the most holy of warriors birthed into this realm of existence. Their skin is hardened after years of surviving in the coldest territory in the world: Cathedr’l’s Altar. Their muscles are dense as stone from years of training in the frost air and the mere size and build of each of these warriors, clad in freeze-forged steel, speak softly the single conversation that is their only matter. It is the conversation of Light’s Judgment.

They are a part of the Palian Order. They are Mortals who believe in and give their lives to the holy Prophet Legynd: The great Prophet of Light. Through this power, the Paladin earns and shows their strength as the blessed servants of the Light.

Each Paladin is granted a weapon of unmatched power. It is blessed and bestowed upon the Paladin by the man who holds Legynd’s soul within his own: Minister Prime. It is the Stormhammer, and it is the weapon that all Paladins wield with endless vigor. These weapons are forged of an electrically empowered frozen metal that is denser than the mountain metal of the Dons. It seethes with power in the hands of the Paladin it is bonded to and each strike from this weapon causes a portion of its power to discharge into the Target. The sound of thunder follows the strike as it shatters bone and abolishes the existence of evil with each blow.

When the thunder of the imminent storm made mortal is in the distance, there will be no halting this force. For it is the power of Light and Lightning incarnate.