The Battle Forged

Warriors are the simplest, yet one of the most effective classes in the world of Cathedr’l. They are often the spearhead of an all-out attack as they are a versatile engine of war capable of being a worthy opponent to any enemy. They are a work horse for their army as they provide the bulk that you need to fight and hold out against an enemy force.

As soldiers, Warriors are great walls that prevent the advance of an enemy and aid in the counter attack against them. They hold the line when the situation is dire and provide a force that will fight back oncoming enemies. Soldiers are essential to the survival of an army. They may be overlooked, but for them it is not the strategy that wins the war; it’s the brave and determined Soldiers bred for the tasks that carry out the work that needs to be done. Warriors are the ones who keep together and form a single moving mass of efficient and effective strength to overpower their foe.

As pitifghters, Warriors battle for glory and honor. They fight using experience, savagery, brutality, endurance, and stamina to help them win the battle that they have set before them. Pitfighters are Warriors at heart and they know the call of battle as well as any Soldier. In times of emergency, it is not uncommon for armies to unleash the powerful and wild Pitgihters of their Kingdom on to the battlefield. They storm forward in a battle-born-frenzy as they attack every enemy within sight.

As barbarians, Warriors live as adventuring fighters. They travel the world looking for the next challenge. Warriors often embark on quests to advance their skill with the blade for it is all they live by. They are hardened by survival and they learn as they travel the lands, combating the harshest conditions. Their fighting styles are often derivatives of many styles, leading to Barbarians having unique and hard to counter techniques. This has allowed for barbarians to gain a reputation as brawling warriors as they can often combat groups of opponents and come out as the only survivor.

At this time in Cathedr’l, when conflicts are so common, the common man with a rusted sword can be a fighter, but only a Warrior is one whose life is dedicated to finding the next fight. They live to serve war in all its glory. They are bound to answer the call of battle, no matter where or when it might sound.