The World of Cathedr’l

The Age of Man

This era of Cathedr’l is one of exploration and expansion for Mortal Races. In particular, the expansion of the Human races across the Kingdomlands. But with expansion comes conflict of interest, causing many Human Lords to wage battles against one another as they vie for power and resources.


The Economic Alliance

First created by king Thalamus two generations ago in the great city of Mylandria, the provisions of the  Economic Alliance were the jump start for the advancement of humankind. It acts unifying laws between the major mortal Kingdoms of the land

Kingdoms covered vast portions of land and included cities, towns, and villages that aligned themselves to the chosen capital city of their Kingdom. Subal, the long great desert kingdom of Cathedr’l’s Courtyard, and Hanshiharo, of Cathedr’l’s Garden, both aligned themselves with Mylandria in the first decade of the Economic Alliance’s conception. Over the next two decades, the kingdoms of Crosshold, Avtillius, Shadoworth, Monu’tai, and Yohr would join, strengthening the Alliance, making Humans the strongest and most abundant race of mortals in Cathedr’l.

Thanks to the Embassies created by King Alion, son of Thalamus, and second King of Mylandria, the world would see an expansion of the other races of Cathedr’l: the mountain dwelling Dons, the powerful and magnificent Eldren races, and the nomadic shadow-born Rigm. With the spread of resources, power and wealth would reach many Lords, and conflicts of interest among Lords of Kingdoms would arise.

The Lords of Cathedr’l

In this time, the Lords of the land are in constant conflict with each other as power begins to shift from city to city and Kingdom to Kingdom. Lands are taken, mortals are killed, and Lords wage battle for their own honor. King Leonard, son of king Alion and the current king of Mylandria, would increase military involvement of Mylandria in border conflicts, building tension between Lords of Kingdoms as they each lead their forces against opposing Lords. Each has their own purpose and objective in the conflicts enveloping the many cities of Humankind. Each has a reputation they fight for and uphold as they continue to maintain campaigns across the lands of Cathedr’l.