The Unseen Shadow

They are the silent killers who leave little presence, but issue immense change. Assassins alter the tides of battle with every movement of their existence. Whether by intimidation, luring, or killing, the Assassin is a useful Character that has one job: ruin the plan of your opponent… and kill a few of their men while doing so. The Assassin is a master at stealth and is a moving shadow on the battlefield. He has one task, and he does it with unmatched skill.

Assassins are usually split into one of the three major Assassin organizations: The Chapel of Arak’nid, The Chapel of Hive, and The Chapel of the Called. Collectively they are called the Chapels of Shadow. Each have their own tactics and skill sets, but share one simple goal: Kill their intended Target.

Though there are many smaller Assassin organizations throughout the Territories of Cathedr’l, nearly none compare to the elite Assassins of the Chapels of Shadow or the unique Yoza’nin who hail from the kingdom of Hanshiharo deep in the Gardens of Cathedr’l.

Every Assassin lives by a code that keeps them on track with their duty. They have one belief, one creed that allows them to understand and commit to their profession with an unchallenged level of expertise and diligence. These beliefs that they live by are immensely personal and different from Assassin to Assassin. They are what keep an Assassin sane and completely devoted to their command.

They are a respected part of the world as they have changed the course of history with a single shifting of their blade. They are the boulders thrown into the stream of time that have altered the outcome of decisions since the beginning of existence.