The Elemental Master

Each of the hidden Schools of Force focus on one of the six forms of Force Magic: Light, Energy, Current, Life, Land, and Darkness. Humans, being the only mortals able to utilize Magic, were able to become Elementalists: able to harness and learn of the power derived centuries ago from the Tomes of Magic.

Each of the schools invokes their own style and technique used with the creation and use of their Spells. From verbal commands to physical movements, each uses unique casting methods. Harnessing their own Life Essence and using it to cast spells, they force the elements of nature to bend to their demands.

At this time in Cathedr’l, Force Magic is an endangered art. The population of Elementalists has dwindled severely due to the civil war between the Schools of Force over three-hundred years ago. It left many cities in ruin and landscapes in chaos. Forests were burned to ash. River’s very courses were altered. Roads that once connected towns turned to stretches of rubble. Mountains had been shaped anew. They left the world ruined, and where the number of casters had been tens of thousands ― they now had dwindled to only a few hundred.

The Sorcerer reigns supreme as they are one of the few Elementalists able to sustain the exertion of two forces with one body’s Life Essence. The Sorcerer has control over the forces of Energy and Current. From exploding spheres of fire, to lightning bolts that are created from their fingertips, to ice blasts that freeze their enemies where they stand, the Sorcerer is a powerful ally or opponent in any war as they scatter damage throughout enemy lines.