The Sightman

The original adventurer, the Ranger is an extremely versatile Character able to perform many tasks making them the ultimate survivalists. Often they act alone going behind enemy lines and dealing damage from afar. But even in dire situations, Rangers are still able to hold their own in Melee Combat against some foes. They are able to flank the enemy putting pressure on key Targets making them have to act or face damaging projectiles without being able to retaliate.

Rangers are way finders who act as the adventurers of parts unknown. They scout for their cause: whether that cause be self-gain, treasure hunting, bounty hunting, path finding for the army at his back, escaping the army at his back, or simply for the excitement of a new adventure.

In Cathedr’l, these adventurers have been born from a guild of Rangers, generations old, called the Sightmen: the first Rangers. The first who created the standards and traditions Rangers live by. With techniques still preserved today, they mapped most of the world for mankind to spread and colonize ― greatly aiding the advancement of Mortals over one thousand years ago. They helped determine what vegetation was edible and poisonous. They were knowledgeable beyond belief and many knew more of the world than any book could hope to comprehend. These first Rangers would lay the foundation of much of the knowledge Mortals have of Cathedr’l.

Rangers, which were an important part of the expansion of the Mortal races of Cathedr’l, now act as scouts who master the art of travel in any terrain and any habitat. They are essential to the effectiveness of an army and are the first choices when someone is needed to help determine the larger picture in a situation.

Rangers are as important on the battlefield as they have been in discovering the secrets of Cathedr’l and spreading the knowledge among its mortals.